Publié : 3 février 2014

Worms : the School

- On the Monday morning, we went to our friends’ school. It’s an old building close to a bell tower. Students from 10 years old to 19 years old generally are in this school. Its name is Eleonoren-Gymnasium Worms but it is usally called « Elo ». Actually, it took the name of the woman who created it.

- About 1200 students learn there and each class is composed from 25 to 30 pupils.
Our penfriends don’t have the same timetable as we do : they usually start at 8:00am and finish at 1:00pm

- When we went in class with them, we saw that they don’t have the same habits in class as we do. Indeed after a pupil presented an oral work, the other mates of his class usually knock on the tables. Moreover, at the beginning of each hour, after the teacher said hello to the class, the whole class answers to him, at the same time.

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