Publié : 10 février 2014

Trip in Frankfurt

- We came in Frankfurt on Wednesday, December 18th. It is a beautiful and very important town. We came to visit it in bus and it was a long trip. We started to visit the Museum of modern art which was very interesting. There were many sculptures, different paintings, drawings or photos, and some videos. It was diverse and we liked that. This Museum is big so it contains a lot of works of art.

- When we left the Museum, the teachers took us to the cathedral which is very big. We could see it in all the town because of its high bell tower. This is the largest church of Frankfurt, and it is an important part of their history.

We also visited all the town without the teachers thanks to this cathedral which represents the mark and the meeting point. So we could explore stores, walk near to the channel, and especially look at the Christmas market. Germany is famous for its large markets which take place on Christmas in many towns. That market in Frankfurt is one of the largest. We bought some presents for our families and talked with some sellers. German people were smiling and they all understood that we are French. In this market, we found many things, like honey, candles, food and other different things. The specialty of Germany, the bretzels, were very present ! We found bretzels stores everywhere. We could buy a lot !

Mathilde MOZON, Deborah LEMAITRE, Arthur SALLES etJulie GARCIA.