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Publié : 15 avril 2015

What we have been doing in english since the "college" voted for their favourite short story... by Chloé Klajny

Once the pupils from Georges Pompidou voted for their favourite short story among the stories we had sent them, our class was divided into 3 groups.
The first group is composed of the actors, the costume designers and the playwrights. Their task is to rewrite the short story so that they can play it on stage. They work with Véronique, an actress, she is in charge of helping them.
The second group composed of the setting designers, the poster designers and the technical crew. They must create a poster representing the short stories written by all the classes participating to this project. The posters will be displayed on May 22nd 2015. The set designers are in charge of creating the setting for the different scenes. They must find the appropriate atmosphere for our short story. The technical crew will be in charge of the lights and sounds during the show.
To finish the last group is composed of press agents and ushers. They are in charge of communicating and spreading the information about te project. They write articles and interviews. They will prepare the invitations, the programs… The ushers will be in charge of seating the people and distributing the programs on May 22nd.
by Chloé Klajny 208