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Publié : 4 mai 2015

Which one would you have chosen ? by Pauline and Clair (208)

We started with the same base : 5 people in a castle during the 18th century and not any castle, a castle with a legend...
As you probably read it in a previous article, our class was divided into 6 tables. Here are the ideas each table proposed :

Table 1 : Their story was about 4 characters, Amy, Grace, Greg and Chloe who were all visiting Dublin. They were from different social classes. They spent the night together in the Blarney House near Dublin. The first morning, Chloe went missing. Because she could not be found, they all believed she had been killed and everybody started suspecting one another. Then, the fifth character, Suzan Murphy, the owner of the castle, tells them about the legend of the Blarney House. At the end, Chloe comes back and explains what happened to her.

Table 2 : This story took place in a boarding school for girls. One day, Elisabeth went missing. She was one out of 5 friends, Mary, Marguerite, Roxanne and the narrator. Those 4 girls were really worried about what could have happened to their friend. While looking for her, Marguerite foundd a book. It was the legend of the castle. At the end, Elisabeth comes back and explains the reason of her absence.

Table 3 : This story is about the narrator, a little farmer, who was discriminated against by one boy, Charles. Ellen and Grace, her aristocratic friends, tried to defend her but Charles kept taking the mickey. One day, they find a mysterious haunted castle. Everybody is scared except the little farmer. At the end we understand that it was only a dream but it gave the little farmer enough courage to stand up to Charles.

Table 4 : Sister Mary is shy and discreet, Lady O’Nelly is a rich woman, Mc Johnson is a fat and tall man who is member of the Irish bourgeoisie, Jane is a young girl with red hair and Mrs. Farmer is a fat and imposing woman. They are all invited to come to the Blarney castle and to stay « as long as needed »...
All of them have a secret and they must try and find each others’ secret. Who will win the Blarney game ?

Table 5 : John, Jess and Brittany are three friends. They live in a little English town named Ludlow. In this town, there is a castle, unoccupied, with strange legends and rumblings. During the holidays, Kate, John’s cousin, always come to visit her family and these holidays will be the most incredible holidays in their life. Indeed, they will meet a ghost who will change their life forever.

Table 6 : A village is on fire and five characters have to run away ; the narrator, Jane, Sophia and Bill a couple with a baby. They find shelter in a castle they thought unoccupied. However, a woman lives in this house. She tells them about the legend of the magic stone. A stone which could not only change the narrator’s life but that of all of them...

The Collège Georges Pompidou read all our stories and voted for one...which one would you have voted for ?