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Publié : 6 mai 2015

What do the 203 think about their project ? By Manon Salmon and Laura Le Merrer

Today, we decided to share with you the interview of three pupils who have been working on the “Identity Project”.

• What was the first thing you thought about when you heard the word « identity » ?
Generally, they answered it made them think about their identity card or their personality.

• Why do you think identity is a interesting topic ?
This project affects and concerns everyone, especially teenagers who are searching for their identity and their personality. So this topic can help us to answer questions we ask ourselves about our own identity or other people’s identity.

• Do you think teachers made the right choice to create this project ?
According to us, it is a good, playful way to learn English without realizing what we do. In this way, we are more motivated and we don’t have the impression of working. Nevertheless, thanks to this project, we have had to do a lot of researches and produced documents. Therefore, we have spontaneously enriched our vocabulary and improved our grammar. Another benefit is that it has got us used to working in groups and it has helped us to become autonomous. This project also encourages openness towards others and mutual respect. So, it really is a good way of working : it was an excellent idea from the part of our teachers.
• What was your favourite story ? and why ?
The pupils mainly preferred the story which was chosen. Therefore, they were pleased to discover they liked the one the collegians had chosen. They appreciated the way it deals with identity and the way the story unfolds.
•What is your role in this project ?
The actors have transformed the short story into a dialogue in order to be played on May 22nd.
The pupils in charge of the settings have to create, for each scene, a special atmosphere. For example, as one scene takes place in the cemetery, they had to create a dark and gloomy atmosphere. They are also going to create a bedroom and a living room. The sets are requested by the actors.

•Why did you choose to be an actor or a setting director ?

Most of the time, the actors interviewed answered that they liked acting in front of people. Some of them had already taken part in a play and others never. But, all think it’s a very interesting experience because none have ever played in English.
The designers are attracted by art and manual work. They have a great responsibility in this project. They think creating the settings is very interesting because they can add personal touches.

• Do you think you will be ready for D-Day ?
All the people interviewed, proudly answered that everything would be ready for May 22nd. Indeed, as they have only one hour in the week dedicated to this project, there would be a lot of work in the coming weeks as the scenery needs to be finished yet in order to let the actors work. But, with the help of their teachers, they will succeed.
Then we asked them how they felt as D-day was approaching. Most of them were impatient to show the work provided and to see the reaction of the college students. Of course, there was nonetheless a small part of stress.

• If you had the choice, would you take part in this project again ?
They all replied without any hesitation : "yes" ! It helps them gain confidence. It is also a funny way to improve their English. People are involved and work independently.

•If you had to choose another topic for the project, what would you choose ?
The answers to this question were various. For some people, the topic came immediately, as for others they had to think about it or did not know. Among the topics suggested, there was for example racism. It is a very important, interesting and contemporary project. Indeed, there is still a lot of discrimination in the world as for example discrimination based on religion. The pupils also insisted that it should be topics that affect them in particular.

Thanks to Gwenaelle, Kimline and Sheryne for sharing their time with us.