Publié : 30 mai 2011

Previously on the chronic....

Previously on the chronic....

Because they respond to the eternal question "what does the world look like ?", "What should life be like ?" and they provide models of behavior that give meaning to life, tales can be enjoyed by all ages of learners.
For teachers, the story is a great teaching resource, enabling the development of written, oral as well as intercultural skills. That’s in fact the main reason that led us to the rewriting of a traditional tale into a play.

Today is our fourth rehearsal ; I successfully managed to learn more on the backstage of the show, I can definitely assure you the actors have actually started playing dressed up…
The actors account for the biggest part of the show, the décor team and other members also feel absolutely involved though. Speaking of the devil, the décor team has been working on cardboard panels, which I reckon is a great idea, that Mr. Martin came up with indeed.

The sound and music team, which has already found the music we need for the play, started working on the bill for the play today.

Can no longer wait to see how things will be going on next week.

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