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Publié : 22 mars 2012

2 articles en anglais sur le projet écolycée pour le journal multilangues

Eco or not eco ?

- Your high school is part of the écolycée project. This year, it is the biodiversity theme that has been chosen : the teachers involved in the project are thinking about actions we could do to protect our high school’s flora and fauna, indeed, we should remember that we are lucky to have so many green spaces.
- Putting this project together was not easy, in fact, the people in charge of the project had to contact teachers and other people involved. Some students helped develop this project by cleaning green spaces, and paying attention to some remarkable vegetal species that grow in the park, such as wild orchids. Other classes will participate to meetings and contribute to other sustainable projects.
- Mrs. Brosillion, who organized the project says that the environment has interested her for a long time, and that she likes the fact that this project can be seen different ways, and also that different subjects, such as maths and science, are concerned.
- The 1L2 have been working on a blog with their English teacher for example. Keep an eye out : it should soon be on line !
The students who are helping developing the project with Mrs Brosillion are motivated, but unfortunately they are not numerous enough.
And remember…
- On April 5th, a meeting about sustainable development and biodiversity in Ile-de-France is planned.

How a literary class became an advertising class for the ecolycée project…

- Maybe you’ve never heard of the ecolycée project, which is being carried out in your high school…
Fortunately, pupils from 1L2 class have been working for a few weeks as advertising executives, to inform you on the project. Pollution, water, recycling… we have all tried to make you realize how serious these themes are.
- Everybody tried to make something funny and original, to be chosen as winner… what a pressure !
- For example, Léonore (who won the third prize) decided to represent a man, who is carrying the earth in his arms. She was inspired by a Bob Marley song for her catchphrase because she believed you would find it amusing and interesting.
- You’re certainly curious to know who the winners are ?
It’s Edouard and Wanda, who made a funny advert which looks like a cartoon.
And don’t worry about the vote : our jury was very serious !

Charlotte Dhalluin