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Publié : 22 mars 2012

Un article en anglais sur “Nos élèves ont du talent” de Laura Leblay pour le Journal multi-langues

Who is the star among us ?

The event that everyone has been waiting for this year will be coming soon… Indeed : “Nos élèves ont du talent” contest will take place at the end of May.
The main goal of this contest is to allow the pupils who want to, to express themselves in several categories, on a stage and in front of an audience.
The present categories are :
– Dancing.
– Music.
– Singing.
– Scenic expression with for example drama, humor…
– Artistic expression with painting, sculpture….
– Acrosport.
Every student of the Jean Monnet high school can take part in this adventure, you just need to pass an audition.
On D day, at the end of each performance, the public applauds as loudly as they love the performance. The winner is the one who triggers the most noise and there is one winner for each category.
Last year was a success and I was the lucky one who interviewed one of the winners of this show in the singing category : Maurine Larue.
It was her friends, at the beginning of this adventure, who pushed her to present herself to the audition. She had taken singing lessons for about six years because her dream is to become a singer. During the show, there was no competition, she had fun doing it. When she won she was pleased and after this evening many people recognize her so she was surprised.
This year Maurine will participate to the contest but not for the competition, she prefers to leave her place to someone else, but she is considering doing a sponsoring.
Her last words for the next entrants are just to have fun !
So we will be waiting for you at the end of May or beginning of June at the Bonnette…

Laura Leblay.