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  • The perfect European citizen by Alexandre - Février 2013

    The European Union is one of the biggest organisation in the world. It includes 27 countries, such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Austria, among others. Today, a delicate question is being asked to each European citizen in order to create a Europe where Europeans would live in harmony with each other : what would the perfect European citizen of the EU look like ? In fact, if we want to create a perfect European citizen we need to forget about some stereotypes which are a form of (...)

  • How do you see others ? by Auriane - Février 2013

    In each following countries, there are different cultures and different opinions about life and therefore about the perfect European citizen. Spanish people : They are represented as big people because they eat a lot of paella, churros, and people think the Spaniards talk very quickly and they have got the joy of living ! They do fiestas and they are crazy about bull fighting and flamenco. For flamenco, women wear red and black or black and red dresses. For the bull fight you need a red (...)

  • What would the perfect European citizen be like ? by Baptiste - Février 2013

    Everybody asserts that each foreign citizen has a lot of weak points because of the culture of their country. Thus, if the perfect European citizen existed, what would he be like ? The Spaniards are known to usually do noisy fiestas, whatever the pretext. Foreign people criticize the Spaniards by saying that there are misogynists, that they enjoy showing off. Furthermore, European people (except Spain of course) also say they are rather pretentious, and that their habits boil down to (...)

  • What are we like ? by Claire - Février 2013

    Several stereotypes have been collected on many European countries : France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria.
     Everybody knows the famous French man on his bike with a baguette and a beret. He’s seen as arrogant, too chi-chi, and a great strike lover. Oh, and chauvinistic. Are you really sure to want to come to France ? But you know, it seems that they are good in bed …
     Italy, now. Who wouldn’t like to eat a nice plateful of pasta, with to a handsome man who rolls his r’s perfectly ? It (...)

  • The perfect European citizen by Cyrielle - Février 2013

    French people are supposed to be arrogant and addicted to fashion, one of the French stereotypes is the beret. In the morning in Paris people go and buy a baguette and after they go and visit the Eiffel tower or go and watch a football match, if it’s not raining ; after their visit to the tower Eiffel they go to the café to drink coffee or champagne. There are many chickens and dogs. The Italian people have got blue eyes, they have got moustaches. They wear t-shirts and sun glasses because (...)

  • How to be the perfect European citizen ? by Fleur - Février 2013

    Answering this question is very important because we, European citizens have to make sure that we give a great representation of Europe all over the world. With the ”boeuf bourguignon”, the “foie gras” and the “baguette”, the delicious French gastronomy is really appreciated. But French gastronomy is also strange : the French eat snails and frog legs and so what… surprise in gastronomy is an essential thing ! In general, Europeans are known to pay attention to fashion but taking care of (...)

  • If we had to populate Europe with only one kind of citizen, what would he be like ? by Jean Baptiste - Février 2013

    To create the Perfect European Citizen (call him/her PEC), we have to pick features from all the peoples of our continent, and mix them together ! Qualities, sure ! But weak points too… 27 countries have to be represented in one person ! But now, let’s focus our attention on 5 countries only, which represent well the European Union : Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, and France. Every culture has its specificities, traditions, way of living, and we mustn’t ignore them. Moreover, we’ll have to (...)

  • Being a real good European citizen : What a hard job ! by Lucie - Février 2013

    Are you a good European citizen ? What is a good European citizen ? Is there a real good European citizen ? If there’s one, what rules does he respect ? A real good European citizen is a person who respects the environment, doesn’t have prejudices, respects the others and believes only in himself. Respecting the environment ? A good European citizen respects the environment. He always puts his waste in the dustbin. He prefers using his bicycle when he hasn’t got far to go, whereas a bad (...)

  • A Supereuropean citizen, a great idea or a farce ? by Lukas - Février 2013

    The goal of the European Union is the creation of a common culture and links between the nations. So the different people would be able to live together in perfect harmony. For this reason, the forms of discrimination which could exist between the European countries should be analyzed and fought. A European hegemony, which would hide the particularities of every country and make the perfect European citizen should be created. The idea of nation-state is completely obsolete nowadays and to (...)

  • A perfect citizen ? by Manola - Février 2013

    In Europe there are a lot of different cultures which result in stereotypes that people have on one another. However, these stereotypes aren’t checked and show the strong and weak points of a country and its population. The European Union aims at unifying all the European citizen. In that case, what would the perfect citizen be like ? First, this citizen would be hardworking and disciplined like the German, but he wouldn’t be fussy and arrogant about his skills. He would be really reliable (...)

  • We are all different by Margaux - Février 2013

    Italian people are arrogant because they want take all the place, they speak loud, they think that they are the center of the world. The traditional Italian has a mustache, a pizza in his hand because the Italians are very good at cooking, they cook very delicious pastas and pizzas : it’s a traditional dish in Italy. He would also hold a guitar in his other hand because these citizens are exceptional musicians, they play the mandolin. The Italians are lover boys and mafia boys. The Austrian (...)

  • A perfect citizen ? by Mona - Février 2013

    Today, countries of Europe have different styles, different personalities and different concepts. However all the countries of Europe have one same goal : being a perfect citizen !
    THE perfect citizen would not just be in France, in Spain, in Germany, Austria or in Italy. He would be everywhere in all the countries of Europe. The perfect citizen must assimilate the different cultures of each different country.
    The perfect Citizen must :
     Know the typical places of country such as the (...)