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Publié : 9 avril 2015

Liaison Collège-lycée - Interview du Lieutenant Launay

Last week the chief of the fire brigade of Montfort l’Amaury, Lieutenant Launay, came to visit us to help us on our project. Indeed, our project deals with drinking and driving and we thought it would be interesting to work with the fire brigade in order to make our scene look more real.
I took advantage of his coming to ask him a few questions…

- Why did you accept to participate to our project ?
Firefighters are often asked to participate to various forums and other events in schools. It is a great pleasure to share our expertise with students and it is also an opportunity for us to convey some messages, promote the fire brigade activity and perhaps arouse vocations.

- Have you ever taken part in a school project of this type ?
Personally, no

- Why did you chose this job knowing that it takes courage and this job is sometimes dangerous ?
As a young child, I wanted to be a policeman or a marine (perhaps the attraction of the uniform). Finally it was at a meeting, at 16 years old, with the chief of the fire brigade of Loir et Cher that I signed my first contract as a volunteer firefighter. At 18 years old, I agreed to work 3 years in the prestigious fire brigade of Paris. I have been professional firefighters, since 1984.

- On average, how many road accidents caused by alcohol among young adults do you deal with ?
Sorry, I can’t give you any figures but the gendarmerie of La Queue Lez Yvelines could probably help you.

A group of pupils from our class will be going to the fire brigade on Friday 10th to shoot a few scenes in collaboration with firemen.
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