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Publié : 15 avril 2015

Want To know how we work ? read this article !

We are working on an ambitious project. We wrote a short story about identity which will be part of a play. Other classes are also working on this project. The show will be composed of 6 scenes. The common point between all our stories is identity. We spend the first part of the year working about what it meant, to what extent it is important and how to create a story.

Since February, our class has been divided into three groups (see Chloé’s article for further information)

The actors are working hard and rehearsing with Véronique, who came to help us to achieve this project. She helped the five pupils who were chosen to play the characters to write the play and distributed the roles. She is the Director of the play, and works in coordination with Mrs Deschamps, our English teacher.

The second group managed by Mrs Deschamps is composed of the set designers, the poster designers and the press agents. They mainly work on computers to achieve their work. The settings for the play will be projected in the background. The press agents, who are also managed by Mrs Deschamps are in charge of the press releases, ads, articles, invitations and programs... We are also going to interview people and take pictures of the class to show you the backstage of the play and all the work this ambitious project demands. So come and check on the school’s website regularly to check if we haven’t posted any new articles !

By Mathilde Lasne and Pauline Gutierrez 208