Publié : 22 janvier 2014

The Mercedes-Benz Museum

We came to Stuttgart with our pen pals the 18th of December in order to discover the city and the Mercedes Benz Museum. This museum , which has opened in 2006, is located in Stuttgart in Germany. How can we describe it ? In fact, it’s like a real journey back in time ! Indeed, this museum shows the 125 years of the automobile industry’s story.
Its architecture is also quite interesting : the museum has a double-helix structure.

Besides, when you start your visit, you have to take a lift that brings you to the last floor. And here starts the presentation in chronological order of 160 automobiles, the most representative of the brand, and 1500 objects. The story begins in 1886 , the year of the invention of the automobile by Daimler and Benz.

The story continues with the improvement of cars, particularly on the power of cars. It was increased phenomenally because the maximal speed of the first car was inferior to 50km/h but nowadays the new Mercedes SLS AMG GT coupé it capable to reach 320km/h ! The evolution was incredible, this evolution is useful to reduce the consumption of cars. All these things are explained in the museum. At the end of the museum Mercedes tells their vision for the future and for them the future cars will more sustainable.