Publié : 12 février 2014


- During our journey in Germany, we visited the city where the school of our pen friendsis.

- Located next to the French border, this city is vell known in Germany because we find one of the three Imperial Cathedrals of this country. Its name is Saint-Pierre Cathedral or Dom. Inside we can see old sculptures representing Daniel in the lion’s den. Outside this cathedral has two differents colours because it was reconstructed after wars.

- In this city, there are a lot of museums about its History. It’s here that Luther lived before his problems with the Catholic church. Moreover the story of protestant reform isillustrated on a monument and we can see the different people who participatedin this.

- After we went to the oldest Jewish cemetery of Germany. Inside we walked next to steles written in Hebrew.

- Besides, when we were in Worms, it was Christmas so we went to the Christmas market. In these markets we could buy a lot of different specialties of Germany like Bretzel, the famous mulled wine...